Wilson Carbon Force Pro | Padel Racket Racket Wilson
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Wilson's Carbon Force Padel Rackets became iconic for a reason, and the latest versions integrate updated technology to help you improve your game. Competitive players gravitate to Wilson's Carbon Force Padel Rackets for their mix of playability and control. Designed with EVA Foam, this diamond-shaped racket offers a high level of precision in defensive play. With its large sweet spot, it's a forgiving racket for players who are looking to add more power and control their game. And even though this racket's built for control, it still offers a lot of speed on volleys and smashes. The carbon fiber face delivers impressive power, and it comes with a textured grip for extra spin on the ball.

  • Carbon Force Family: Provides ideal blend of power and control
  • Teardrop Shape: Shape generates great power without compromising control
  • Soft EVA Foam: Offers cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption
  • Construction: Technologies enhance power and comfort with textured surface, EVA Foam, and face materials
  • Detachable Wrist Cord: Latest feature that allows players to easily swap out wrist cords at any time

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