Starvie Triton Speed 2.0 | Padel Racket Rackets Starvie
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Product Description

The Starvie Triton Speed 2.0 is designed for versatile all-round player who also likes optimal balance between power & control and prefers a racquet with a teardrop/drop shape suitable for very intensive use.

The racket features a higher placed smaller sweet-spot, a high placed weight balance and consists entirely of carbon, both the frame and the blade and comes standard with a protector. The blade is reinforced with two different layers; Carbon 3K Silver and Carbon3k and ensures that this racket is extremely suitable for intensive use.

Compared to the Triton Pro, the Speed version features an EVA-Soft Speed core. This type of core is softer compared to standard EVA rubber and provides more control and precision in your strokes.

The blade has a rough finish (Full Plane Effect) to give more effect to your strokes. 100% Made in Spain!

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