Starvie Titania Kepler Soft 2.0 | Padel Racket Rackets Starvie
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The Starvie Titania Kepler 2.0 is an ideal racket for novice and experienced padel players. The racket blade has a round shape, this means that the sweet spot is relatively large and lies in the middle of the racket. The round shape in combination with the weight (355-370 grams) allows you to play with a lot of control. The Extreme Spot tubular technology ensures that the sweet spot, the ideal place to hit the ball, is extra large.

The soft core offers a comfortable feel, control and ball speed. The fiberglass racket blade also provides extra comfort. The racket features the Anatomic Bridge Design technology which ensures a comfortable position when gripping the racket, due to an anatomical shape to the heart area. In addition, the racket contains the Titania Core, a piece at the heart of the racket that offers maximum maneuverability and better weight distribution.

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