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The Starvie Metheora Special Edition is a model made for all level players who are looking for balance in the centre of the racket head, with the feeling of soft rubber density (EVA30), yet with a firmness, which is thanks to the textured surface of the face in the shape of a star. Soft EVA is best suited for colder conditions and is more comfortable for the arm. It also will generate a higher ball exit speed on soft balls (trampoline effect).

Its composition is 100% carbon which offers resistance and durability, needed for the high demands of the game. An all-round racket providing great control and power.

For the first time ever Noene has been integratedThe Noene anti shock padel grip protects hands and shoulders from shock and vibration caused by the impact of the ball with the racket. Thanks to its 1.6 mm thickness and tacky PU coating, it does not change the feel of the racquet grip and provides precision and optimal grip.


  • Round shape, with its sweet spot at the centre of the plane.
  • The roughness of the plane surface (Full Plane Effect) helps players achieve greater precision in the effect of each stroke. Starvie works this roughness directly from the mould.
  • Limited Edition
  • Includes the Star Balance system in the racket throat, giving it a perfect weight balance and stability. 
  • Soft density rubber V30
  • It is 100% made in Spain
  • Included:
  • Noene anti shock padel grip
  • Eco bag.




  EVA Rubber:

  Soft V30


 3K carbon


 Carbon 3K


  350/385 gr


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