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The Special Edition Metheora Dual has the new Dual Density rubber with two different densities, which adapts perfectly to all shots depending on whether you are attacking or defending. The outside is soft (ideal for the sensitive strokes) and the inner core is hard (perfect for the hard hitting smashes where you want all energy of the stroke transferred to the ball).

For the first time ever Noene has been integratedThe Noene anti shock padel grip protects hands and shoulders from shock and vibration caused by the impact of the ball with the racket. Thanks to its 1.6 mm thickness and tacky PU coating, it does not change the feel of the racquet grip and provides precision and optimal grip. It absorbs up to 96% of the vibrations (!).

It is intended for advanced or professional players looking for a control racket that does not fall short in power, being a round racket with medium balance.

Its outer core is composed of a layer of Carbon 3K in black and another layer of Carbon 3K. Its inner core has the aforementioned Dual Density rubber, with the outer layers of lower density than the inner layers. In the core it incorporates the Star Balance system to balance the racket to perfection.

On its faces, it has the Full Plan Effect technology, a roughness on a 3D plane that offers the best effects for your shots.

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