Starvie Hard Eva Kenta Backpack | Padel Backpack Bags Starvie
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Product Description

The new Hard Eva Kenta Backpack has been designed with ample storage capacity. It features a central compartment specifically designed to store a padelracket, padel equipment, and other accessories for enjoying on the court.

This backpack is suitable not only for padel but also for work, as it includes a protected pocket for carrying a laptop comfortably.

It comes with lumbar reinforcement and multiple handles to prevent discomfort. Additionally, it has a separate compartment with a ventilation system for storing shoes.

The backpack incorporates innovative zipper pulls for smooth and easy opening of the pockets.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 32 cm x 22 cm.

Materials: Polyester Basket, Polyester 900D, Hard Eva.

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