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Introducing the Starvie Astrum, a true masterpiece in the Starvie 2024 collection. Crafted with precision, this padel racket combines cutting-edge technology with expert engineering to offer players an unrivaled experience on the court.

Technological Marvel:

  • Enhanced Power: Two layers of 3K carbon on the head provide superior hardening, resulting in more powerful shots.
  • Revolutionary Noene Inside: Developed in collaboration with NOENE®, the new anti-shock padel grip, exclusive to Starvie rackets, absorbs and shields up to 96% of negative energy from shocks and vibrations.

Unmatched Control and Comfort:

  • Soft 30 Rubber Density: This specific rubber density enhances ball control and makes executing strokes a breeze.

Strategic Design:

  • Round Shape for Precision: The optimal point of impact is strategically placed at the center of the head, ensuring powerful and accurate shots.

Spanish Craftsmanship:

  • Proudly Made in Spain: Every Starvie Astrum is crafted with pride and expertise, embodying the essence of Spanish craftsmanship.

Elevate your performance with the Starvie Astrum – where innovation meets excellence.

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