Siux Trilogy Lite Air 4| Padel Racket Rackets Siux
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The Siux Trilogy Lite Air 4 padel racket is specially designed for advanced players seeking a lightweight racket without compromising on power or control. With its teardrop-shaped head and medium balance point, it offers a perfect combination of power and control. The modern appearance of this racket is emphasized by a sleek color scheme, perfectly complementing its high-performance capabilities.

The Siux Trilogy Lite utilizes advanced materials and technologies. The core is made of EVA Soft rubber, known for its excellent shock absorption and comfort. The hitting surface features a layer of 12K carbon fiber, providing extra strength and responsiveness. This material contributes to improved shot accuracy and durability of the racket.

Siux has equipped this padel racket with an Anti-vibration system, which helps reduce vibrations and minimize the risk of injuries such as tennis elbow. The lightweight construction promotes agility and speed when hitting, while the EVA Soft rubber in the core ensures comfort during longer play sessions.

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