Siux Trilogy 4 Pro | Padel Racket Rackets Siux
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The Siux Trilogy IV Pro padel racket is unquestionably top-class. With its round shape and advanced technologies, this racket is the favorite of experienced players. The racket is made of 24k carbon and finished with a striking turquoise color. This material provides the perfect combination of power and control, allowing you to execute every shot with confidence.

The frame of the racket is constructed from 3K Carbon and Aramida, ensuring durability and stability even during powerful shots. The core of the racket is crafted from EVA material, providing a medium touch - ideal for players aiming for a good balance between power and precision. The Siux Trilogy IV Pro features a glossy finish with a distinctive 3D design, which is not only functional but also looks fantastic on the court.

This racket weighs between 355g and 375g, with a low balance, making it perfect for players who prefer control and precision in their shots.

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