Siux Fenix IV Pro | Padel Racket Rackets Siux
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The Siux Fenix IV Pro padel racket 2024 is the ultimate weapon for the demanding padel player seeking extraordinary power and precision on the court.

With its diamond-shaped racket head, this racket is designed for players aiming to achieve maximum power and explosiveness. The faces of this racket are crafted from high-quality 18K Carbon and Textreme 45o, allowing you to strike every ball with pure power while maintaining incredible precision. The frame of the racket is constructed from 13K Carbon and Aramida, enhancing both durability and providing additional stability and control.

The core of the racket is made of EVA HARD material, resulting in a Hard touch, ideal for players who want aggressive shots and maximum power generation. Weighing between 355g to 375g and featuring a high balance, this racket offers the perfect combination to deliver powerful smashes and put pressure on your opponents.

To make your game even more comfortable, this racket comes with a Dual Pro Grip for added grip, dampeners to reduce vibrations, and maintain a comfortable feel during play.

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