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Discover the SIUX Electra ST3 Go 2024 padel racket, a racket that offers a perfect blend of technology and ease of use, specially designed for beginner players. This racket, a standout in the Go series, is characterized by its hybrid shape that provides a balance between power and control, making it an ideal choice for new players looking to improve their game.

The SIUX Electra ST3 Go 2024 padel racket features faces made of durable 3K carbon. This material ensures a long lifespan and consistent performance, which is essential for players at the beginning of their padel careers. The hybrid shape of the racket is specially designed to help players develop a balanced playing style, with both powerful attacks and controlled defense.

One notable feature of the SIUX Electra ST3 Go 2024 is the medium balance and weight range of 355-375 grams. These characteristics offer an ideal mix of agility and stability, making the racket easy to handle for players of different levels. The glossy finish not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the racket but also enhances durability.

The inside of the racket contains an EVA HARD core, designed to provide a comfortable playing experience and ensure effective energy transfer, making every shot count. This makes the racket an excellent choice for players looking to improve their technique without sacrificing comfort or playability.

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