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Nox AT Pro Cup Coorp 2024: a revolutionary fusion of Agustín Tapia's AT10 mold and the classic materials from Miguel Lamperti's ML10 Pro Cup. This racket pushes boundaries, combining the best of both worlds. It inherits the manageability and speed of the AT10, along with the comfort and solidity of the ML10. The inclusion of the Smartstrap® replaceable safety cord system, now in a more compact form, ensures increased durability, hygiene, safety, and customization. 


  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 360-375 grams
  • Core: HR3
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Face: Glass Silver Fiber
  • Control: 10/10
  • Power: 9/10


Carbon Frame:

  • The use of this material in the frames enhances rigidity and durability, benefiting both the frame and the blade overall.

DCS Dynamic Composite Structure:

  • By extending more material from the frame into the face up to four centimeters, we minimize the discrepancy in hardness between the frame and the face. This reduces the risk of fiber cutting when the rubber makes contact.

HR3 Rubber:

  • This rubber core is even denser than the HR3, resulting in faster recovery before striking the ball. Maximum power is achieved with this rubber.

Fiber Glass Silver:

  • This metallized fiberglass fabric offers a rigidity level between carbon fiber and fiberglass.


  • Customize your racket, enhance hygiene and safety by easily replacing the cord without voiding the warranty, as there's no need to manipulate the bottom cap.

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