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The revolutionary EXTREME ONE PADEL RACKET is the lightest racket of the EXTREME series. It's also the strongest, thanks to the unique, revolutionary clear 12K carbon hitting surface for added durability. This light, powerful and aerodynamic racket has a new diamond shape and offers you the opportunity to play with extra spin. The innovative Auxetic technology provides extra power and a sensational impact feeling, while the Soft Butt Cap technology offers a softer playing feel and dampens vibrations.

The EXTREME ONE offers a high-quality, original design with a glossy and matte finish. • Revolutionary design with a unique striking surface for extra durability

• Clear 12K carbon hitting surface

• Lightest and strongest racket in the series

• Power, consistent spin and aerodynamics

• New diamond shape

• Soft Butt Cap technology

• Auxetic technology for extra power and sensational impact feeling

• Original, premium design with glossy and matte finish

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