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Are you a somewhat experienced padel player craving a boost in your game? Then the Dunlop Boost Attack is the perfect choice for you. This padel racket is designed for easy handling and powerful performance. With its hybrid-shaped head, medium balance, and a weight of 365 grams, this racket takes your game to the next level. The hybrid head provides a generous sweet spot and explosive power, while the high-quality materials and technologies ensure you get the best out of your game!

The Power Frame technology is used in the frame construction, ensuring excellent power transmission. The frame is made of graphite, providing durability and robustness, translating into superior power transfer with every stroke. Additionally, the surface is coated with Extra Grip coating, a rough material that significantly improves spin and ball feel.

The core of this racket is made of Pro EVA with medium density. This material offers quick recovery and an excellent balance between power, control, and comfort, allowing you to play with confidence.

Last but not least, the Dunlop Boost Attack racket is equipped with V Holes technology, responsible for the innovative hole pattern. This specially designed pattern promotes power transmission and optimizes the sweet spot, allowing you to achieve maximum performance on the padel court.

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