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Bullpadel INDIGA PWR

Summary: The Bullpadel Indiga Power is the perfect racket for experienced players seeking a combination of power and comfort. Its diamond-shaped frame, resembling both round and diamond shapes, places the sweet spot relatively high on the racket, allowing for powerful shots. With a weight ranging from 360-370 grams, this racket is both agile and ideal for players looking to dominate with power.

Details: The Bullpadel Indiga Power is designed with experienced players in mind, offering a balance of power and comfort. This racket's unique diamond-shaped frame combines elements of both round and diamond shapes, resulting in a sweetspot located higher on the racket.

The high sweetspot position facilitates powerful shot-making, making it easier to hit the ball with force and precision. The combination of the diamond shape and a weight range of 360-370 grams ensures that this racket is not only powerful but also highly maneuverable. It's the ideal choice for players looking to unleash their full potential on the court.

For experienced players seeking to dominate their opponents with powerful shots while maintaining comfort and maneuverability, the Bullpadel Indiga Power is the perfect match.


  • Color: Red
  • Balance Point: High
  • Player Level: Intermediate
  • Category: Rackets
  • Racket Type: Power
  • Racket Shape: Diamond

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