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The Black Crown Piton Air is round in shape and contains AVAIR technology, an anti-vibration system incorporated into the grip of the racket. The AVAIR technology absorbs the vibrations generated after each stroke, improving player response times and preventing fatigue and injuries to the arm, forearm or elbow.

Preventing fatigue and injuries to the arm, forearm or elbow, this racket is especially recommended for players who have been in pain for a while without finding a solution. This racket is made of medium-hard EVA rubber covered with 2 layers of fiberglass and a 3K layer of carbon fiber. It has a double tubular frame with 80% carbon that implies greater shock resistance.

The Piton Air model has the sweet spot very well distributed over the entire surface, allowing you to hit the ball at great speed without losing control of your shots. This racket is played and chosen by WPT player Adrian Allemandi.

  • Sheet size: Round
  • Blade material: Glass fiber + 3K Carbon fiber
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Core: Medium hard EVA rubber
  • Weight: 350 - 370 grams
  • Balance: Low / Middle
  • Color: Black with gray and orange details
  • Model: 2020

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