Black Crown Piton 11 Soft | Padel Racket Rackets Black Crown
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The Piton 11 soft racket has a round shape with a good balance between control and power.

It has a medium touch, perfect for aggressive shots, but at the same time has the necessary touch to feel the ball and come out well in defense, this is thanks to the 3Xply eva, which consists of a layer of hard eva rubber on the outside and a core of soft eva rubber, perfectly combining the advantages of the two hardnesses.

The frame is 2TB EVA, this makes the sweet spot of impact is larger with 80% carbon fiber, for greater resistance to the blows.

It is made with two layers of fiberglass, one layer of Low density PitonGlass and 1 layer of 3K Silver of the highest quality. This last layer makes it more flexible than its sister the Piton 11, with this you will gain in ball feel.

Designed for players looking for more ball output and who like the blades with a softer point.

It is a very comfortable racket and very easy to adapt. It is perfect for any type of player.



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