Black Crown Piton 1.0 | Padel Racket Rackets Black Crown
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The Piton 1.0 is round in shape with a good balance between control and power, it has a hard touch, perfect for making aggressive shots. The frame is made of double tubular 80% carbon fiber, which means greater shock resistance.

Thanks to the two layers of fiberglass and 1 layer of carbon fiber with medium-hard EVA rubber, this gives a hard touch with the ball to achieve good strength. This makes it a versatile racket with a good balance between control and strength for intermediate and high level players.

It is the racket chosen by the player Enric Sanmarti, n ° 1 in the Catalan Padel Federation.

Weight 365 to 375 grams
Round size
80% carbon fiber tube frame
Outer core: 2 layers of high-strength reinforced glass fiber + 1 layer of reinforced and cross-linked carbon fiber
Inner core: medium hardness, high density EVA rubber
Level: advanced
Power : 95%
Control : 100%

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