Adidas Adipower Multiweight Ctrl 3.3 | Padel Racket Rackets Adidas
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Embark on a groundbreaking journey in padel with the Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3, a pinnacle of innovative technology tailored for decisive players such as Álex Ruiz. Revolutionizing gameplay, this racket introduces the Weight & Balance System, granting you the unparalleled ability to fine-tune weight and balance, catering to both control and aggressive playstyles.

The incorporation of Dual Exoskeleton technology establishes a dual-layered insertion of carbon ribs within the racket's core, complemented by the Power Embossed Ridge fortifying the frame. Eva High Memory interior ensures maximum rigidity, enabling precise and powerful shots.

The Carbon 18K surface stands as a testament to unparalleled power in every strike. This amalgamation of power and control within a single grip embodies the pinnacle of padel innovation, offering players an edge that redefines the game.


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